Our Founding Story

The motivation behind the Healing movement stemmed from personal experience.



The founder, driven by the experience of his beloved aging dog, Maddy, sought solutions when she tore her ACL at the age of 9. Witnessing her reduced mobility and pain, surgery wasn't a viable option due to her heart condition. Consulting with the vet, conservative management was chosen. Understanding the importance of rehab and support from his background in sports medicine science, he began researching therapeutic products. Maddy's remarkable recovery at the Animal Rehab Centre in Toronto, utilizing laser therapy, hydrotherapy, and rehabilitative exercises, inspired him to advocate for rehabilitative care for dogs.


During treatments at ARC, he discovered a unique orthopedic dog bed at Jetta Jacks. Unlike other beds, this one provided solid joint and spine support, easing Maddy's movement. Introduced to Todd Caverly, the bed's developer, he learned about its cooling properties, durability, and comfort. Maddy's positive response made this bed a crucial part of her recovery.


Years later, when Maddy tore her other ACL at 13, the challenge of accessing care during the Covid restrictions prompted him to research home treatment options. Renting a laser and using a PEMF mat, he successfully administered treatments twice daily, witnessing Maddy's miraculous recovery. This experience led him to explore affordable, accessible alternatives for pet owners.


Realizing the lack of awareness and accessibility to therapeutic devices, he envisioned a solution. Connecting with Bioflex Laser, a Toronto-based company with over 35 years of experience in red light therapy, they collaborated to create user-friendly devices and protocols specifically for dogs and cats. Sport Innovations provided Canine PEMF technology, and the Recovery bed, manufactured in Canada, completed the foundational product lineup.


Thus, the Healing Movement was established, aiming to help pets heal, recover, and restore their quality of life. The company is committed to providing high-quality, affordable products, ensuring impactful solutions for every pet owner.