Agility training
Shaping agility for your pet's peak performance.
Behavioral improvement
Through agility training, dogs learn self-control, discipline, and impulse management as they navigate obstacles and follow commands.
Problem solving
As they maneuver through the obstacles, dogs learn to assess their surroundings, make decisions on the fly, and adapt their actions accordingly.
Cardio health
Agility training elevates the heart rate, promoting cardiovascular health by improving circulation and increasing lung capacity.
Bond with your buddy
Agility training strengthens the bond between dogs and their owners or trainers, fostering trust and communication through positive reinforcement and teamwork.
Agility Training Cones - 12 Pack
Refine your dog's performance
Perfect for honing agility, obedience, and coordination, these durable 9" cones offer versatility for indoor and outdoor training sessions.
Rainbow Saucer Cones - 36 Pack
Colourful cone-trol
Six cones in each of the following colours; purple, orange, green, blue, red and yellow. Cone stand included for easy storage and transport.
Agility Triangle Cone
Tri-umph over training
Designed with durability and convenience in mind, this 6.5" cone maintains its triangular shape even when knocked over, eliminating the hassle of constant resetting.
Agility Saucer Cones - 10 Pack
Tail-wagging training
Easily arrange in various configurations to create different agility courses and exercises to challenge pets mentally and physically.
Raise the woof
Available in both 6" and 12" heights, these hurdles are perfect for training sessions tailored to your pet's skill level. Designed with a flexible material that collapses on contact but bounces back to its original shape and position.
Unleash agility
  • Physical strength
    Agility training provides dogs with an excellent workout that targets various muscle groups, promoting overall physical health. Regular agility sessions can improve cardiovascular health, enhance flexibility, help prevent obesity, strengthen joints, and increase stamina, contributing to a longer and healthier life for the dog.
  • Mental stimulation
    Dogs need mental challenges to keep them engaged and prevent boredom, which can lead to destructive behaviors. Learning to navigate through obstacle courses requires problem-solving skills and boosts cognitive abilities. Additionally, agility training strengthens the bond between the dog and its owner, as it involves clear communication and teamwork.