KT Tape
Take your pet's movement to the next level.
Moves with your pet
Portable recovery solutions that adhere to the skin or fur of your best friend.
Quality construction
Engineered performance fabric to bring superior support.
The best for your buddy
Latex-free, hypoallergenic, and natural rubber-free.
Tail-wagging relief
The flexible, breathable and strong tape and recovery gear allows for unrestricted movement, promoting comfort and faster recovery for furry friends.
KT Tape Pro
20 precut tape strips
The 100% synthetic breathable and flexible KT Tape Pro is suitable for pets during various stages of recovery. Precut and ready to apply right out of the box.
KT Tape Pro Uncut
125 FT continuous roll
Specialized kinesiology tape designed to aid in the rehabilitation of humans and pets recovering from injuries or surgeries. Cut to the desired length for your pets needs.
KT Tape Pro Wide
10 precut tape strips
This double-the-width 4" version of the KT Tape Pro is ideal for targeting larger muscle groups. Its breathable and flexible properties make it suitable for active pets during various stages of recovery.
KT Tape Pro Extreme Uncut
125 FT continuous roll
Designed with enhanced adhesive strength, KT Tape Pro Extreme can withstand extreme conditions including moisture, heat, and humidity, making it perfect for active pups or sports rehabilitation.
KT Recovery+ Wave
Electromagnetic pain relief
Inspired by clinically proven electromagnetic therapy, KT has developed a portable and user-friendly FDA cleared device. Now, pet pain relief and recovery is lightweight, discreet, and always within reach.
Stick it to doggy discomfort
  • To cut or not to cut
    Available in precut or uncut, look for the tape that fits your pet's needs. Precut tapes are ideal for quick application, at a standard 10" length with rounded corners to prevent fraying. Uncut tapes are more suited for pets that need a customized length of support.
  • Preparing your pet
    For best results, your dog’s coat should be dry, brushed, and clean. The tape applies best to pets with short hair, but can be used with all types of fur. Clipping of the fur may be necessary for some instances.