Balance & Stability
Builds strength
Allows dogs to engage their core muscles and maintain stability.
Enhancing proprioception
Builds your pet's awareness of their body position in space.
Target specific areas
Use on your dog's hind legs, front legs, or individual paws depending on their needs.
Paws in perfect balance
Whether it's a wobbly puppy or a seasoned senior, dedicated owners are stepping up to support their furry friends in regaining their equilibrium after setbacks, ensuring they can strut their stuff with confidence.
Balance Pad
Better balance for your buddy
A Balance Pad provides a challenging exercise for dogs that improves coordination and strengthens muscles and joints.
Anti-Burst Stability Ball
Unleash confidence
A fun and effective way for your best friend to get exercise, mental stimulation and improve joint health.
BOSU Sport
Rehabilitation & exercise
From puppy development skills to senior dogs recovering from injury, the BOSU Sport can be used to strengthen, stretch and coordinate muscles and joints.
Balance Disk
Strengthens and stabilizes
Balance Disks challenges dogs as they must constantly adjust their posture and balance to remain stable on the disk.
Benefits of balance
  • Bonding opportunity
    Working on balance training with your pet strengthens the bond between pet and owner. Training sessions provide quality time together, fostering trust and communication between pet and owner.
  • Confidence building
    Mastering balance exercises boosts pets' confidence and self-esteem. Pets become more self-assured in their movements, which can be particularly beneficial for shy or anxious animals.