PEMF Therapy
The Power of Magnets
Magnets have been used for the alleviation of chronic pain, metabolic disorders, circulatory problems and for treating muscle tension for many centuries.
Improved Circulation and Cellular Health
Enhances blood circulation and oxygenation throughout the pet's body. Improved circulation can support the overall health of cells and tissues, potentially boosting the immune system and helping pets with chronic health issues.
Stress Reduction and Relaxation
Helps reduce anxiety, nervousness, and stress in animals, making it useful for pets with behavioral issues or those prone to anxiety-related conditions. Many pets find the gentle pulsations of PEMF therapy soothing, which can lead to improved emotional wellbeing and better overall behavior.
PEMF Mat and Coat
Whether your dog is suffering from arthritis pain, recovering from surgery or you just want to help them feel and look their best, the therapeutic benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) can help bring marked improvement to your pet's demeanor and health.
Features & Benefits

  • Wireless design
  • Battery operated
  • Lightweight
    Made in Germany
PEMF Canine Coat
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy
Wrap your furry friend in comfort and care with the revolutionary PEMF dog coat. Discover the power of advanced technology and wellness.
PEMF Canine Mat
Reduce pain, wound healing and inflammation
This comfortable pet mat uses PEMF technology to alleviate your pet's pain, muscle tension, and enhance their recovery.
Sport Innovations
Connected via a network of equestrians and veterinarians around the world, Sport Innovations has retailers on every continent and is based in the equestrian mecca of Wellington, Florida.
About Sport Innovations
Advanced magnetic pulse therapy, massage, and heat combine in the Sport Innovations ProSeries 3-in-1 Therapy Blanket, a favorite of riders of all levels and disciplines and a trifecta of equine wellness therapy. Founded by a German equestrian family intending to better the lives of their equine partners, Sport Innovations has nearly 20 years of experience in the equine industry and has designed their avant-garde therapy line to align with their passion for equine and canine wellness. They are the founders and inventors of Sport Innovations' therapy blankets, and harness their decades of knowledge for their team. Backed by decades of research, the science and unique design behind Sport Innovations delivers cutting edge therapy and proven results directly to your barn!