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The Healing Movement

BOSU Sport

BOSU Sport

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Balance and stability are important for the health of dogs and pets in addition to humans. From puppy development skills to senior dogs recovering from injury, the BOSU Sport can be used to strengthen, stretch and coordinate muscles and joints. This smaller and more portable version of the popular BOSU Balance Trainer is ideal for your pet to improve balance and mobility from home.

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Improve balance
The perfect tool to boost your furry friend's balance, strength, and agility! Ideal for dog and pet rehabilitation or exercise.
Pet recovery & training
Used for a variety of pet rehabilitation exercises and training activities.
Builds strength
Allows dogs to engage their core muscles and maintain stability.
Enhancing proprioception
Builds your pet's awareness of their body position in space.
Textured surface
Improved gripping, traction, and movement capabilities for pets.
Top quality
Durable construction and ideal size for pet recovery and balance training.
Extreme durability
Features a bladder with a burst-resistant material for extra strength.
Optimal design
Offers a non-marking and non-skid base for all floors.
Ideal size
The 65cm diameter is ideal for pets of all sizes.