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KT Tape Pro Wide

KT Tape Pro Wide

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KT Tape Pro Wide is a specialized kinesiology tape designed to aid in the rehabilitation of humans and pets recovering from injuries or surgeries. Made with durable 100% synthetic materials, this tape provides gentle support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting movement. This double-the-width version of the KT Tape Pro is ideal for targeting larger muscle groups. Its breathable and flexible properties make it suitable for active pets during various stages of recovery. Whether your furry friend is recuperating from a sprain, strain, or undergoing physical therapy, KT Tape Pro Wide offers reliable support to promote a faster and more comfortable recovery process.

Includes 10 precut 10”x4” strips of 100% synthetic tape and a hard plastic carrying case with twist on lids to keep your tape protected on-the-go.

*Not clinically proven for all injuries.

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Tail-wagging relief
The flexible and breathable tape allows for unrestricted movement, promoting comfort and faster recovery for furry friends.
Fetch faster recovery
Dynamic support for active canines.
100% Synthetic
Engineered performance fabric to bring superior support compared to original cotton tape.
Double the width
4" wide strips to cover a larger surface area.
The best for your buddy
Latex-free, hypoallergenic, and natural rubber-free.
Stick it to doggy discomfort
  • Conveniently pre-cut
    This pre-cut tape is ready to apply right out of the box. Each strip has rounded corners to help prevent from fraying or catching. Each roll contains 10 strips that are 10" long and 4" wide.
  • Preparing your pet
    For best results, your dog's coat should be dry, brushed and clean. The tape applies best to pets with short hair, but can be used with all types of fur. Clipping the fur may be necessary for some instances.